Giving Back — 100% of Net Revenues Go to Charity

Net revenues from the sale of Never Ever, Ever Give Up or related paid speaking engagements will be used to provide scholarships or make charitable contributions.

Some funds will go directly to scholarship funds or charitable organizations through co-marketing arrangements. Other funds will be deposited to the Sidhu Family Charity.

The Sidhu Family Charity was established by Jay and Sherry Sidhu of Palm Coast, Florida with the input and collaboration of adult children Samvir and Luvleen. The Sidhu Family Charity supports efforts to increase educational opportunities K-12 and Post-Secondary students and especially among first-generation Americans and recent legal immigrants.  The Sidhu Family Charity also supports organizations that fight addiction and hunger.

Jay Sidhu believes that the messages included in Never Ever, Ever Give – including the importance of “giving back” – are very important to share. He will entertain co-marketing arrangements with charitable and educational organizations to sell and distribute the book with 100% of net revenues* going to the charitable or educational purposes of the co-marketing partner. For more information, contact Jay.

* “Net Revenues” are defined as gross sales revenues less production expenses, shipping and handling expenses, and certain marketing expenses.