The Never Ever, Ever Give Up Movement continues with Leadership Bootcamps.

Jay’s vision that “At the end of the day, after hearing the stories and lifetime learnings of well-respected, self-made leaders, the attendees would be inspired to pursue their dreams with passion and commitment to ‘Never Ever, Ever Give Up’ in achieving their vision.”

Each bootcamp brings together respected self-made executives to engage future business leaders by sharing their experiences, challenges, and life-long learnings from their journey to success. Throughout the day, facilitators engage participants in small groups to reinforce the messages and discuss how the principles can be applied to their lives and goals.

Popular topics and themes during the bootcamps have included the importance of perseverance, fighting against the odds, setting achievable and long-term goals, and working hard to achieve success. At the end of the day, participants are inspired and motivated to achieve their dreams and take advantage of every opportunity they are presented. Previous self-made leaders that have been featured in the Never Ever, Ever Give Up Bootcamps include:

  • Abigail McKay, Educator, Governor Mifflin
  • Eric (Rick) Wolf, Assistant Superintendent (Retired), Governor Mifflin
  • Barry Schlouch, Founder & President, Schlouch Incorporated
  • Sue Perrotty, Interim President, Reading Health System
  • Andi Funk, EVP and Chief Financial Officer, Enersys
  • Steve Zuckerman, founder Clipper Magazine and Oak Tree Development Group
  • Pennsylvania State Rep. Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz
  • Craig Poole, Managing Director & Sr. Partner, DoubleTree